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  • Do dogs eat together or separate?
    Dogs will always eat separately unless otherwise discussed with the owner if they are from the same household.
  • Can dogs board together if they are friends?
    Unfortunately, we can not board multiple dogs together unless they are from the same household. EVEN if they are BFFs.
  • What vaccines do you require?
    We require proof of up to date rabies, distemper, and bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines for all dogs staying with us, whether they are boarding, coming for daycare, or just getting a groom.
  • How much time do dogs get out?
    Every dog is different and we do our best to cater to each dog's specific needs. We do offer the opportunity to add more playtime or outside time if desired with extra and/or specific activities as the owner prefers. However, our standard is a minimum of 4 ‘outs’ throughout the day. This includes two 15 minute post meal breaks and two 20 minute play times.
  • How soon can I start puppy training?
    As long as your puppy is fully vaccinated (we require rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccines) we can get your puppy started on the right track with puppy classes and puppy obedience training.
  • Can you train aggressive dogs?
    Dogs are not naturally aggressive dogs. However, training an dog with aggressive behaviors can be dangerous for all parties. We will evaluate the dog to ensure whether or not the dog is actually aggressive or just reactive. Even if a dog is deemed aggressive, we do have options to work with to provide a safe environment for all parties, including other dogs.
  • Do you use ecollars for dogs?
    Every dog is different when it comes to training. We do our best to try the least aversive methods possible with minimal force. Our trainers are proficient in using ecollars and they are only used upon approval and/or recommendations from the owner.
  • What do you do if the power goes out?
    Weather can be unpredictable all year round. In case of power emergencies, we do utilize back up generators to power the facility’s necessary amenities to keep your dog comfortable and stress free.
  • What are your overnight procedures?
    The safety of dogs boarding with us is our top concern. We normally do not have anyone on staff to stay overnight, however, our facility does have 24 hr surveillance of all areas monitored via surveillance company. We make sure that our staff gives the dogs enough time outside prior to their departure at 9pm in order to avoid accidents and stress. Our facility is also equipped with fire safety equipment like fire alarms, and the fire department is a short three minutes from the facility. On rare occasions when safety is a higher concern, like weather hazards, we do have staff on site to ensure the integrity of the facility and well being of the dogs.
  • What are your procedures for extreme cold/ heat?
    All areas of our facility are climate controlled with both A/C and heat to ensure your dogs are kept comfortable and cozy no matter what the temperature is.
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